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National Events

16 Nov - 20 Nov 2018
Australian open and veteran championships
23 Nov - 28 Nov 2018
Commonwealth Senior and Veteran Fencing Championships
20 Dec - 23 Dec 2018
2018 HPP Summer camp
21 Jan - 25 Jan 2019
National Sabre Camp
14 Feb - 17 Feb 2019
2019 Junior National Championships
08 Jun - 10 Jun 2019
AFC2, including U23 Foil

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Personal Sponsors

These organisations are directly Sponsoring a Fencer:


Thankyou for your support of the Sport of Fencing in Australia.
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The Australian Fencing Federation
gratefully acknowledges the support
of the Australian Sports Commission
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for the AFF

The AFF is delighted to announce that the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has allocated $16,000 in direct athlete income support funding (dAIS) to the Australian Men's Foil program, to be paid in instalments over the next six months. This support will assist our fencers to fund their training and competition expenses. 

The allocation of dAIS funding to our fencers recognises their potential to contribute to Australia's Winning Edge performance targets. It is significant because it is the first time Australian fencing has received high performance funding from the ASC in a number of years. The AFF is engaged in ongoing discussions with the ASC about other ways in which they may be able to support our High Performance Program.